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Remote control bluetooth for SMART lighting









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Remote Control Bluetooth Smart


Bluetooth remote control

1. Cell model: 2032

2. Cell voltage: 3V

3. Control distance: 25m

4. Product dimensions: 165 X 31 X 8mm

5. Control function: On/Off, Dimming and CCT, RGB control

6. Both remote and smartphone can control the Bluetooth Smart devices with the user name Mesh and password 123

7. Net weight: 30g

Bluetooth remote control pair the smart light operating method

1. Bluetooth remote control can directly control the factory setting products under the user name: Mesh and password: 123

2. If the account and password of the Bluetooth remote control and light are different, users need to set up as below:

2.1. Set new user name and password, e.g. user name: LAES, password: 123, then log in.

2.2. Press the ON/OFF and CCT button at the same time for 5 seconds. Indicator light starts flashing, the remote control enters into setup mode.

2.3. In App, press "+", which is in the bottom right corner of the first page. Press the useless light icons which will become grey afterwards. Leave the needed yellow icons and then press "Add all" to achieve binding. Finally, press any button of the remote control to exit the setting mode.

How to pair the remote control into a new user name

Long press the ON/OFF button for 15 seconds. If the indicator light flashes, the remote control successly restore to factory setting.


How to pair the remote control into a new user name


In order to reduce the battery consumption, please press the remote control less than 1 second to operate functions instead of pressing long time. Long press a button is no useful for remote control operating.

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