LED filament lamp Globe reflector, 95 diameter milimeters, dimmable

95mm. ø / DIMMABLE


Not for use in enclosed fixtures.

THE LED filament LAES lamps recreate the incandescent filament bulbs old technology. They reduce the consumption by 90% and provide a 20 times longer lifetime.






COLOR V W Lm Ra K Ø L casquillo-gran unit Cod.Art FILE
Warm White 220-240 6 510 >80 2700 95 135 E27 20 988031 Download

Globe mirrored lights by LAES S.L. New generation to LED mirrored  filament lamps Filament globes mirrored by LAES S.L.

LAES, Lámparas Especiales S.L.

Mirrored LED Filament lamps, the new generation

LAES, Lámparas Especiales S.L.

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LED Globe Reflector Bulb

LED globe lamp 95mm

filament LED globe dimmable lamp