LED GLS lamp triple tone, 60 diameter milimeters Change de white tone pressing the switch

60mm. ø / Triple Tone


The LAES LED GLS  lamps are designed to substitute the conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs. Their quality and technical characteristics make them a very economical and reliable choice for all types of luminaires.



COLOR V W Lm Ra K Ø L casquillo-gran unit Ref. FILE
3 Tones 230 12 900 >80 2700 60 120 E27 10/50 986846 Download
      925   4000            
      950   6500            

The biodynamic LED lighting is focused on our physiological comfort during the day. To achieve this goal, the biodynamic lamps can adapt to natural light and natural biological rhythm.
During the morning and the central hours of the day, where we have the most activity, we need a cold white lighting (6500K) that promotes concentration, attention and dynamism at work.
In the afternoon, we will go to a natural white light (4000K) and finally, at the end of the day, the warm light (2700K) allows the brain to rest and prepare the body for sleep.
Our triple-tone LED lamps vary the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. This system facilitates an adaptation of the lighting throughout the day to follow the intensity variations of the sunlight and recreate the natural light.
The benefits are numerous: improvement of concentration and productivity, reduction of fatigue, good mood, dynamism, relaxation ...

Boidynamic lighting, whit our 3 light tones LED lamps

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