LED PL lamp 2 pins, 36  diameter milimeters  

36mm. ø


The LED PL lamps are an excellent alternative to non-integrated compact fluorescents lamps. Thanks to their electronic system, they can replace the fluorescent lamps with electromagnetic ballasts without any modification in the installation and allow a direct connection to the electric network. They reduce the consumption up to 50% and their lifetime is twice longer  than the conventional  compact fluorescent lamps one.

Do not use with electronic ballast.

Not for use in enclosed fixtures.

COLOR V W Lm Ra K Ø L casquillo-gran unit Ref. FILE
White 100/240 12 1100/420 >80 4000 36 167 G24d3 10/100 984316 Download

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LED PL 2 pins lamp

LED PL bulbs 36mm

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