LINEAR R7s 118
LED R7s linear lamp, 22 diameter milimeters, dimmable  

22mm. ø / DIMMABLE


LED R7s linear lamps

The LED R7s linear lamps are an excellent choice to replace the equivalent eco-halogen bulbs. They have a high energy efficiency and provide a 10 times longer lifetime.

Not for use in enclosed fixtures.




COLOR V W Lm/Cd K Ø L casquillo-gran unit Ref. FILE
Warm White 220-240 14 330º 1820 3000 28 118 R7s 10/50 990621 Download
White 220-240 14 330º 1840 4000 28 118 R7s 10/50 990638 Download

LED R7s linear lamp installed in wall lamp

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LED Linear 118

LED linear dimmable

LED linear 22mm

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