The LED Downlights are an excellent alternative to non-integrated compact fluorescent lamps. Thanks to their design, they provide a very pleasant light and reduce consumption up to 50%. Their lifetime is twice longer than the conventional  non-integrated compact fluorescent bulbs one.



LED downlight Slim lamps   LED downlight lamps   LED downlightCOB 88 lamps   LED downlight COB 163 lamps
  LED downlight COB 220 lamps   LED downlight 108 lamps   LED downlight BASIC 100 lamps  

  LED downlight BASIC lamps        
    Polycarbonate LED surface downlight 220 diameter milimeters   Polycarbonate LED oval surface downlight 271 diameter milimeters   Polycarbonate LED surface downlight 292 diameter milimeters   Polycarbonate LEDround surface downlight


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