UFO 300
LED lamp UFO, 300 diameter milimeters  

300mm. ø


Not for use in enclosed fixtures

This range of lamps called UFO for its special design, is very decorative and versatile.
It does not require the use of a lampshade luminaire and its peculiar shape allows a uniform and efficient light diffusion.
* It is available in 2 versions: warm white (3000K) and cold white (6000K).




COLOR V W Lm Ra K Ø L casquillo-gran unit Ref. FILE
Warm White 220-240 30 2400 >80 3000 300 120 E27 5 986754 Download 
Cool White 220-240 30 2500 >80 6000 300 120 E27 5 986761 Download

LED lamp UFO installed in kitchen
LED bulb UFO 300mm, 3000K, 30 watts, 2400 Lm Ampoule à LED UFO 300mm, 6000K, 30 watts, 2500 Lm

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LED UFO 300mm Bulb

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